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Eddystone Eel 2010 190mm Rhubarb/Custard


Available in 6 different colours and 3 different sizes.


"Rhubarb/Custard"=Yellow body, Orange back, Orange Fire tail.

"Bassin Blue White"=Clear body, Blue back, White under body and White tail.

"Bassin White"=Clear body, White back, White under body and Orange tail.

"Orange Glow"=Clear body, Orange back, Orange under body and Orange tail.

"Fire Red"=Red body, Black back and Red Fire tail.

"Fire Tail Mackerel"=Clear body, Blue/Green back, Tiger stripe Black and Orange Fire tail.




(115mm eels 4 eels per blister)

(150mm eels 3 eels per blister)

(190mm eels 2 eels per blister)

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