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PVA Friendly Coconut Hemp


The unique process ensures that not only are the products properly prepared but are also shelf life. Most importantly they extend the life of PVA bags which allows them to be presented with your hookbait effectively.

PVA friendly particles are specially selected and then they are cooked to perfection for maximum attraction. The unique process ensures that the particles DO NOT MELT PVA mesh or bags!

All particles go a through a rigorous process: selection, preparation, soaking and cooking to ensure that you get maximum attraction. Packed in a re-sealable bucket so there is no wasted bait to go mouldy - use what you need and save the rest for another day. For the best results: make up one bag, attach it to your rig and cast it out. The unique process will extend the melt time of PVA. (sold singly in 1.2 litre buckets)

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